Ryosuke Nagase

Ryosuke Nagase

Chief, Legislative and International Affairs, Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of Justice
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Research Project: Public-Private Partnership, Social Impact Bond (SIB) and Criminal Justice Reform

Ryosuke Nagase received a Bachelor of Laws from Sophia University, Master of Laws from Keio University Law School, and LL.M. from Cornell Law School. He most recently served as Chief of Legislation and International Affairs within the Rehabilitation Bureau at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). Prior to that post, he served an official within the Planning and Re-Offending Prevention Promotion Office as part of the Secretarial Division, and as Probation Officer within the Treatment Division at the Probation Office in Hakodate, Japan. Mr. Nagase’s research project for the 2020–21 academic year is titled “Public-Private Partnership, Social Impact Bond (SIB), and Criminal Justice Reform.”

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