Kotaro Ono

Kotaro Ono

Staff Writer, Asahi Shimbun
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Research Project: After Trump and Abe: The Future of U.S.-Japan Relations

Kotaro Ono earned his B.A. from International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, Japan. He has been a journalist with The Asahi Shimbun for over 17 years, and has most recently served as Staff Writer in the Political News Section. Previously, he worked in the Okayama and Nara Bureaus. He has been a contributor to publications in Japanese related to the Abe administration, including The Face Behind the Abe Administration—Offense and Defense in the Security Law (Kodansha, 2015) and The Secret Record of the Emperor’s Abdication and the Change of Era—the 1000-Day Battle Between the Prime Minister’s Office and the Imperial Household Agency (Asahi Shimbun Shuppan, 2019). On several occasions, he has been an accompanying press member on Prime Minister Abe’s overseas visits, including the G20 Summit in Argentina in 2018 and the visit to Iran in 2019. Mr. Ono’s research project for the 2020–21 year is titled “After Trump and Abe: The Future of U.S.-Japan Relations.”

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