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Welcome to the Alumni Directory of Harvard University’s Program on U.S.-Japan Relations! If you are a former Associate or Postdoctoral Fellow and would like to update your entry information, please email us at

We would be happy to offer an introduction to program alumni for Harvard students and researchers whose studies would benefit from contacting them. In some cases we do not have updated email/phone, but we will try to help you reach the appropriate individual if they are available. Those interested should send a brief statement of interest to:

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"Year" in the Directory refers to the year in which a person graduated from the Program on U.S.-Japan Relations. This is especially useful for members of a cohort to find each other's entries. For example, those who were part of the Program in academic year September 1999 – May 2000 would be listed under the Year 2000. Those with multiple entries were members of multiple graduating cohorts.

Name, "Job Title", "Department or Division", and "Institution" entries are based on last-known information for each person.

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