Apply to become an Associate

Qualifications of Applicants

Our goal is to ensure that we admit the best possible group of Associates. We seek applications from highly motivated men and women with well conceived research projects that will illuminate key issues in U.S. Japan relations, individuals with leadership qualities who demonstrate strong potential for contributing to the international dialogue on Japan's relations with the rest of the world. We favor candidates who enjoy working independently and will make the best possible use of their time at Harvard for their personal and professional growth. Because a high level of English competence is necessary to derive the maximum benefit from study at Harvard, we are also concerned with the language skills of non-native speakers of English.

The Application Form

Applicants must submit the completed Application Form and Financial Form to, by December 15. Please be sure to retain a copy for your own records. A selection committee will choose who is to be admitted to the Program, and its decisions will be announced in February.

The Financial Form

Applicants should submit a financial form along with their application. Please contact the Program ( to request the financial form.