Our Mission

The Project on Justice, Welfare, and Economics (JWE) seeks to foster scholarly research by faculty and graduate students on issues at the intersection of economics and the other social sciences, and law and ethics. The main thrust of this initiative is to stimulate new research and teaching in this area and to support the work of younger scholars that encompasses and integrates ethical, political and economic dimensions of human development.

To meet this aim, JWE awards dissertation fellowships and research grants each year to graduate students whose research topics are relevant to the work of the project. Since its inception in June 2001, JWE has awarded fellowships and research grants to graduate students in the fields of economics, government, sociology, philosophy, law, health policy, anthropology and history.

JWE also hosts a variety of formal and informal events to foster a community of scholars whose research and knowledge connects the study of freedom, justice, and economics to human welfare and development.

The Project on Justice, Welfare, and Economics is anchored in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences but also includes professors and students at the Kennedy School of Government, the Law School, and other Schools of the University. The Provost's Office provides general oversight for the project. JWE is housed at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.