Applying to the Fellows Program

The Fellows Program invites applications from practitioners of international affairs, including diplomats, civil servants, military officers, journalists, politicians, heads of NGOs, and business leaders. In addition, scholars with practical experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

The largest international research center within Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs is structured to encourage the highest practical level of intellectual interaction among a diverse community of scholars and practitioners. It is distinctive in its recognition that knowledge is a product not only of individual academic research, but also of vigorous, sustained intellectual dialogue among scholars and nonacademic experts.

The Fellows Program is the principal forum for the interaction of practitioners with the faculty of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. The Center’s founders believed its research activities would benefit from the contributions of nonacademic professionals with broad practical experience in international affairs, and that the Center could broaden the practitioners’ horizons and deepen their understanding of the issues in which they are professionally involved.

We will admit individuals who have in mind particular intellectual interests, and whose own interests are aligned with those of our faculty. Their research should focus on international, global, transnational, and comparative national topics and may address contemporary or historical topics, including rigorous policy analysis as well as the study of specific countries and regions. By writing a paper of scholarly value and offering seminars, they will take full advantage of their stay and, most importantly, will make a valuable contribution to the University.

In order to be considered for admission to the Fellows Program for a full academic year, applicants should submit, by no later than March 1 of the preceding academic year:
  1. Letter of application to Kathleen Molony, director, Fellows Program;
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV);
  3. 500-word proposal describing the specific research the applicant intends to pursue; and 
  4. Three letters of reference from individuals familiar with their professional and academic accomplishments.
The program administrative fee for 2016 - 2017 is $25,000. Fellows are responsible for their own living expenses.
Fellows Program contact:
Kathleen Molony, Director kmolony(at)