The Weatherhead Center was founded on the belief that scholars and practitioners have a great deal to contribute to each other's analysis of international affairs. Discussions among faculty, Fellows, graduate students, and visiting scholars are part of the Center's day-to-day life. The WCFIA Roundtable on World Affairs harnesses such conversations, placing them in a more formal setting. The roundtable is specifically designed to take advantage of the considerable expertise of Center Fellows, who are usually asked to take the lead in presenting their ideas on an issue of current or continuing importance in world affairs. The roundtables convene twice each semester. A panel of three or four Center affiliates, including Fellows, usually begins the discussion with brief remarks on the topic of the day. A general discussion follows, with the goal of encouraging analytical approaches to the research interests of all members of the Center's scholarly community.

WCFIA Roundtable on World Affairs
"Rethinking Africa: Opportunities and Challenges for the 21st Century," April, 2009